BG (Res.) Ephraim Lapid, INDC Alumni Association chairman

INDC alumni, dear friends,

Together with a new leading team, I have been elected to lead the INDC Alumni Association, after the former chairman, MG (Ret.) Eyal Ben Reuven was elected to the Knesset. We all wish him much success in service as MK, where he will be able to practically influence national defense issues.

We, INDC alumni, have served in defense and intelligence apparatuses, in the homeland security community, in governmental ministries, and other public and national agencies. Our common denominator is our commitment to the Israeli society and vast knowledge and experience. We have all experienced a significant period of studies or instruction at INDC, which has shaped our views and paths.

Some 1,200 men and women have passed through INDC over the years. Hundreds of them are active in the alumni association and participate in conferences, tours and learning sessions. They are the core of paying members who enable the association to operate.

In the new leading team of the association we set another challenge, because in addition to all productive activities which we intend to continue full force, we also plan to add new important activities, aimed at incorporating member contribution to the Israeli society.

We will bring these initiatives to your attention though the INDC alumni association’s website, and on our new facebook page to which you are invited to join and where you can conduct an open and dynamic debate (naturally, it is mostly conducted in Hebrew).

We are open to dialogue and input from all who wish to promote our mutual goals.

I wish our country, our nation and all INDC alumni, much success and prosperity.


BG (Res.) Ephraim Lapid

INDC Alumni Association chairman

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