INDCAA Words of the 1st Chairman, Major General (res.) Eyal Ben Reuven

The Israel National Defense College is the elite training institution in the government-public sector in Israel and is designated, according to a 1962 government decision, to educate the chain of senior commanders and executives in the public sector in Israel on the variety of national defense issues, with an emphasis on the shaping, planning and steering of foreign and defense policies.

Since its establishment, the college has had over 1000 graduates who have served or are serving in a wide variety of governmental, public, command and business positions in the heart of the centers of influence and decision-making in the State of Israel.

In recent years, students from foreign governments and defense systems have also joined the student body, coming from the the United States, Europe, and East Asia.

The INDC Alumni Association was founded in order to allow the thousands of years of combined graduates' experience to be realized through contribution and maintenance of the knowledge base and experience by helping to promote the national defense and prosperity of Israel.

The Alumni Association  enables the graduates to partake in thinking  processes, the outcomes of which serve the public discourse and the planning and decision-making at the international level.

The Alumni Association  directs and coordinates volunteer , donation, and assistance activities for the Israeli society.

We develop and promote connections between the graduates of the College in social and cultural settings, the highlight of which is an annual conference that addresses matters of interest at the national level.

We collaborate with the INDC and aid in its influence on national defense matters.

We act to create an active and dynamic alumni  association  and I invite the graduates to partake in the discourse, both through the website that is currently being set up, as well as through the activities that we be initiated in the future.

I have no doubt that we have here a unique group of people, a group that ought to be organized, active and contributing.

I thank all those concerned with this project and hope for cooperation from the College's graduates from all generations.


Major General (res.) Eyal Ben Reuven
Chairman of INDC Alumni  Association (INDCAA)

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